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ESP - Electric Submersible Pump

ESP Electric Submersible Pump 

The Electric Submersible Pump or ESP is a pump powered by an electric motor suspended down hole on a tubing string. The pump receives power from a cable secured to the exterior of the tubing. Your surface location only requires a power transformer and switchboard.. typically most are a 12 volt pump.


Due to these simple requirements, the electrical submersible pump is a popular choice for space limited applications such as offshore facilities. They are also used in locations where a large quantity of pressurized gas is not available for a gas lift system. Typically



Advantages of the ESP - Electrical Submersible Pump are:

  • No Sucker Rods or associated issues

  • Fewer moving parts than reciprocating type pump

  • Can be applied in deviated or slant hole application

  • Insignificant above ground footprint

  • Possible weight savings, especially when weight of power generating equipment can be ignored

  • Operational cost savings possible by using VFD controller to match power requirements

  • May have a lower life cycle cost in shallow operations

Disadvantages to the Electric Submersible Pump are:

  • Limited operational life of a complicated system

  • The pump itself is a centrifugal type that can be damaged by solids or debris, protective shrouds are used over the fluid intakes to prevent this from occurring

  • Exposure to large volumes of free gas can cause cavitation damage to impellers

  • Exposure to large volumes of free gas can cause overheating

  • Low mass flow rates will cause overheating

  • High temperature formations will shorten life of motor winding insulation (shorten motor life)

  • Electrical power surges from lightning strikes can damage electrical components

  • Expenses associated with copper wire, deeper installation require more copper per foot than a shallow installation

  • Pump pulling involves a extra work in pulling and stacking wire in tandem with production tubing



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